Saturday, March 23, 2013

Flypaper for freaks.

Every time I go to Verizon, something strange happens. Last time, some kid had a seizure and fainted in the middle of the sales floor. I think it was after he saw his text charges.

This time some deranged people caused a ruckus. It was a busy night, the place was packed. I was there to get my "New Every Two" and because it was busy, I had to wait to be helped which afforded me the opportunity to take part in my favorite past time....people watching.

First there was the lady with curling pins all over her head wearing bunny slippers with her kid who was wearing shorts, no shirt and a harness. He had a red balloon (99 luftballoons!!) He ran as far as the "leash" would take him, screaming and carrying on. Then the couple of the evening. Some guy, and what I would assume either his wife or mother (couldn't really tell). I didn't get a real good look at them because they say you should avoid direct eye contact with wild animals. But they looked something like this.

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and she looked like this
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But she was wearing something like this and had a strange looking half-bun on the side of her head.
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From the moment they walked in, he was dropping the F-bomb and LITERALLY foaming at the mouth. Apparently he had a problem with his phone, and he wanted a new one, and he didn't want to pay for it and then he screamed, "Fucking cancel my contract with fucking Verizon!!" When the nice girl politely told him he would have to call customer service he then screamed at the top of his lungs, "Fuck you hear me?? FUCK YOU" The place got so quiet you could hear a pin drop (which was odd because we were at Verizon, not Sprint), he then stormed out the door.

good times.

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