Monday, January 28, 2013

"What's on my TiVo?" Catfish edition.

So because I sort of have a slight addiction to horrible TV, I decided to check out this new show called Catfish. Oh, it's terrible. Entertaining, but terrible. At the beginning of every episode I can't help thinking to myself, "This is going to end badly." Basically people who are in online relationships, but have not met and/or have suspicions about the person they are in a relationship with (and I use that term very loosely) contact this dude and he goes and investigates. Then they meet and it's either really awkward or really creepy. I'm watching my second episode and so far I've learned two things. One - there are a lot of lonely people in this world. And two - people are batshit crazy. I actually find myself making bets whether these people are going to end up being who they say they are. Its highly exploitative. I also find it very suspicious that these people take the deception, so well. The girl I've been talking to intimately is really a dude? Well gosh darn it. The guy I'm now engaged to is really a woman? Well I love her anyway. If this was the real world, these meetings would be much angrier and I suspect in many cases, violent. So thank you, MTV for once again proving there is no reality in reality tv. What the hell is wrong with these people?? And how is it there are enough of them out there to make a show?!

Fellow humans! Listen up! Stop what you are doing and go find your bullshit meters! Somewhere in the middle of tweeting and Facebooking, you lost them. Back in the days before social media, (you know when the majority of conversations occurred in person) most of us were able to tell if someone was selling us a load of shit. If what a person was saying didn't make sense, little red flags would go up. Now you think it's perfectly normal to share your deepest, most intimate thoughts with a person you have never met, who could turn out to be a complete sociopath. Have you never seen an episode of Criminal Minds? Law and Order? The Crying Game? If you are talking to someone online and they never want to talk to you on the phone, or never want to meet you face to face, run! If they are out of your league, be suspicious! Seriously, if you are average looking and "dating" someone who looks like a swedish bikini model, chances are extremely good that the bikini model is some guy who looks like Eric Cartman. For crying out loud, use some portion of your brain. Then we wouldn't have a show like this and we could go back to watching Teen Mom and Real Housewives.

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